How Does YouTube Music Work, I have questions!

How Does YouTube Music Work

How it works

The number one thing we hear is "How does this relate to the YouTube we all know and love?"

YouTube music is separate from what you normally see when you go to YouTube Music looks and behaves like a streaming service, similar to Spotify or Apple Music. (Check it out)

That being said, YouTube Music does relate to YouTube in some ways. The number 1 way is "Art Tracks". You will see your tracks listed on YouTube as playable videos that just display your artist name, album title, and track title.

Official Artist Channel

Delivered art tracks populate on a "Topic" artist page on by default. Only submissions with a primary artist name that matches your Official Artist Channel (indicated by the music note icon beside the channel's name) will appear as playlists on your user-controlled channel.

Please note: In late 2020, YouTube implemented a change that disables the comments. The functionality and updates our partners make are out of our control.


YouTube Music revenue is reported on monthly statements and reflect streams for the art tracks' Soundrop delivered, just like what you see for other music streaming stores. For more details on this, check out our article.
Opting In

Opting in a New Release

When you submit your release for distribution, select the YouTube Music option.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Artist's name isn't clickable or behaving badly: Sometimes it takes a little while for your artist page to populate. If your artist page isn't accessible after 30 days, please submit a request above.
  • Can Mix Vibe Records verify my personal channel as an Official Artist Channel: Yes! We're working directly with YouTube on ways to expedite the process for Official Artist Channel authentication for Mix vibe records artists. To submit your channel for OAC verification now, you can apply request to us.
  • Will my albums appear as single tracks: Your albums will appear as a playlist on your channel on YouTube proper. In YouTube Music, your releases will appear on your artist page under "Album", EPs" or "Singles"
  • What is "Various Artists - Topic"?: Various Artists - Topic is the page that stores most of the YouTube Music deliveries. Once you have an official artist channel, tracks under Various Artists - Topic will appear as playlists on your YouTube Channel. Don't worry, art tracks on Various Artists are still eligible for monetization.
  • Does YouTube have any resources I can look at: Yes they do! Check out YouTube for Artists here.

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